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Adaptation of Mechanistic Pavement Design Guide for Road Designed based on Empirical Design Methods. Written by nadeeka 29
Temporal variation of cyanobacterial community in fertilized and long-term unfertilized tropical rice fields Written by nadeeka 38
Molecular characterization of carbapenemase producing enterobacteria (CPE) isolated from a tertiary care teaching hospital in Sri Lanka & validation of a rapid CPE detection protocol Written by nadeeka 41
Insight for molecular Anthropology of early people in Sri Lanka: Ancient human mtDNA and Molecular sex analysis of archeological skeletal remains at Udupiyangalge and Alugalge caves Written by nadeeka 36
Development of an antidiabetic agent from Coccinia grandis (L.) Voigt (Cucurbitaceae) for diabetes mellitus Written by nadeeka 51
Igneous rocks in the Mannar Basin as potential evidence from Sri Lanka for the juxtaposition of the Reunion Hotspot and the impacts of the igneous rocks on the hydrocarbon exploration in the Mannar Basin. Written by nadeeka 21
Design and Development of a Soft Orthotic Device for Lower Limb and Spinal Assistance Written by nadeeka 27
Mutations and polymorphisms of mitochondrial genes as risk factors for sporadic breast cancer in Sri Lankan patients of Sinhalese ethnicity Written by nadeeka 35
Risk assessment of foodborne pathogens in food commodities available in the Sri Lankan market and application of biocontrol measures to ensure food safety Written by nadeeka 39