Multivariate geo-statistical analysis of heavy metals in biotic and abiotic factors in Batticaloa lagoon.

NRC Grant:  16-152

Prof. Periyathamby Vinobaba
Department of Zoology
Eastern University
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Aquaculture, Aquatic Veterinary Parasitology and Pathology



The proposed research program has the following objectives

 Finding the level of accumulation of Pb, Cd, and As in sediment, water , commercially important aquatic edible organisms.

 Finding the statistical significance in the level of accumulation with difference seasons and localities.

 Find out the fellowship plausible restoring mechanisms to reduce such contamination in future

 Geospatial analysis by GIS (Interpolation method


Due to discharged of anthropogenic activities wastes into Batticaloa lagoon, the quality of water have been deteriorated. This situation has greatly introduced pollutants such as heavy metals in water bodies. Sub-lethal effects of heavy metals are of concern as they accumulate and are transferred through food-chain to humans as well as other living thinks. Hence, a continuous monitoring and evaluation of water quality is very essential. Therefore, proposed research aims to explore the contamination level in the biotic and abiotic factors and changes With spatial and temporal. As an output of this research, we will expect to provide research papers on different aspects to be presented for national and international journals and conference, monographs on the finding