Damage detection and structural assessment of existing steel and concrete structures in Sri Lanka with emphasis on connections and support details

NRC Grant:  15-127

Prof. P. B. R. Dissanayake
University of Peradeniya
Department of Civil Engineering
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Area of Research:Structural Engineering



The specific research objectives are as follows.

1. Damage assessment of connection and support details of steel structures that includes fatigue damage and corrosion effects

2. Fatigue life evaluation of existing bridges using an unified method

3. Damage detection of existing steel and concrete bridges by using vibration-based techniques.

4. Seismic assessment of typical school and hospital buildings for three performance levels: immediate occupancy, life safety and collapse prevention using fragility curves.


IDamage assessment of existing structures is an important activity for longer life of the structure and to avoid catastrophic failures. Therefore, damage assessment and maintenance strategies are widely studied and implemented in the world. In order to propose appropriate damage assessment strategies for Sri Lankan structures such as railway and road bridges, school and hospital buildings, factory buildings and many other structures, local studies are necessary. Accordingly, this research is proposed with the following expectations: proposing an accurate, economical and efficient, new technique to detect the damage of structures, approaches to identify efficient connection and support details of structures, approaches for a unified model for fatigue damage assessment, techniques for assessing invisible and inaccessible damages in steel bridges, methods for early detection of invisible damages in RC and PC bridges such as corrosion in reinforcement bars and pre-stressing tendons, retrofitting methods for buildings that are not design for earthquakes and proposing design guidelines for earthquake loading.