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Quadrotor-Wing Novel Hybrid Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with vertical take-off and landing capability

NRC Grant:  14-123

Prof. S.R. Munasinghe
Dept. of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
University of Moratuwa
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Area of Research:Electronics



a) By developing a VTOL platform atop a fixed-wing aerial vehicle, both VTOL and efficient flying capabilities can be implemented on the same aerial platform. With such capabilities, efficient deployment of aerial vehicles can be realized in various tasks such as urban traffic monitoring, disaster mitigation, search and rescue, aerial surveillance, etc..

b)To develop the proposed quad-wing aerial UAV as a product and introduce it to international market, where there is a healthy demand for such products. Therefore, it is expected that this research will have a controbution to national economy in the future.


This research if successfully completed will deliver a commercial prototype of a new unmanned aerial vehicle, This new vehicle will have vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capability so that it can operate almost anywhere, without depending on a runaway. At the same time, this new vehicle will fly like a fixed wing aircraft using onboard power efficiently. The new aerial vehicle will be about 8kg heavy, and it will have four rotors (quadrotor), ailerons, elevator, and rudder controls as in any aircraft for maneuvering. Quadrotoe and fixed-wing controls provide the vehicle a highly redundant, safe operation. The vehicle will have on board video, and data link connected to the grund control station for real-time monitoring of the light state and remote ground activities. An autopilot control sysetem will be delivered for autonomous flight of the vehicle. A ground control stattion will be delivered for mission planning and control. This product will be in a state ready to be commercialized, or be applied for a specific application immediately. Such applications are urban traffic surveillance, disaster monitoring, search and tracking, aerial surveillance of coastal smuggling, etc.