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Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste Compost (MSWC) as a soil amendment with respect to physicochemical and biological aspects and development of management strategy for potential constraints.

NRC Grant: 14-019

Dr. D. A. L. Leelamanie
Dept. of Soil Science,
Faculty of Agriculture, 
University of Ruhuna
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Area of Research:  Soil Science
Status:   Ongoing



  1. Characterization of MSWC and Agricultural waste compost (AWC) considering physical, chemical, and biological parameters.
  2. Physicochemical and biological assessment of soils amended with MSWC and AWC.
  3. Germinations and growth characteristics of crops grown in soils amended with MSWC and AWC. Comparative performance evaluation of MSWC in relation to AWC and chemical fertilizers.
  4. Determination of potential constraints related with MSWC considering phytotoxic characterization.
  5. Development of management strategy for potential constraints (Eg. salinity, sodicity, acidity).

Post graduate students of the project

Mr. I. S. U. Rupasinghe(Registered for Mphil Degree)