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Studies on factors contributing to pathogenesis of severe leptospirosis in Sri Lanka 514
Analyzing phylogenetic relationships of Sri Lankan amphibians to facilitate conservation in a Biodiversity Hotspot 245
Railway Traffic Optimization System 1141
Commercial software product development methodologies for Sri Lankan universities 348
The effect of water quality and climate factors on pathogenesis of CKDu 365
Screening of Fragile X pre-mutation among individuals attending special education institutes - a community survey 336
An investigation of the toxicity of nitrates, phosphates and selected heavy metals on freshwater organisms 411
Effect of Hermetic storage on physico-chemical and functional properties of grain legumes 330
Normal morphology and morphometry of the prostate gland and study of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: proportion, treatment modalities and outcomes at selected tertiary care centre and private hospitals in Western province, Sri Lanka 372
Project Multipurpose Self-Configurable Indoor Wireless Sensor Network for Green Buildings 280
Assessment of the ecological and economic importance Bambara Honeybee(Apis Dorsata:Apidae); a major pollinating species now facing destruction due to misunderstood concept and mismanagement 320
Developing herbicide resistant (HR) Sri Lankan rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties by means of seed/anther mutagenesis and developing molecular markers to identify HR rice 329
Bioactive metabolites from some selected Sri Lankan fruits and their associated fungi: possible uses in agricultural, pharmaceutical and functional food products 392
Biofuel and other microbial products from cellulosic biomass 291
Aerated soaking for reduced leaching of organic matter in cold soaking of paddy and testing of a bio-tower for treating low strength effluent 270
Understanding the molecular basis of submergence tolerant traditional rice cultivars in Sri Lanka with respect to SUB 1A gene expression 268
Mobile phones on a private network for science teaching and learning in schools 306
Preparation of a national collection and evaluation of the current distribution and species diversity of regular and irregular echinoids in Sri Lanka and determining the diet composition of Stomopneustes variolaris 224
Synthesis of graphene and graphene composites from Natural Graphite for application as electronic materials 345
Machine Vision Based Intelligent Surveillance System for Expressways 307
Screening and treatment of garment factory workers for Carpal tunnel syndrome 292
Multi –element fingerprinting and quantification of the pollution status of the Bolgoda Lake sediments 244
Analysis of the Genetic Diversity of Eating and Cooking Qualities and Nutritionally Important Starch Fraction of Representative Germplasm of Rice in Sri Lanka 256
Studies on White Root Disease of Rubber to Develop Improved Management Strategies 763
Metabolite Profiling of Tea Germplasm of Sri Lanka 347



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