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Analysis of the HER 2 neu receptor status, and its correlation with the clinicopathological parameters of gastric carcinoma 290
Molecular identification of Ralstonia solanacearum (E.F.Smith) in seed potato. 335
The psychological impact of spinal cord injury; Long term difficulties and coping strategies 340
Dormancy and germination requirements of seeds of some dominant mountain forest species in Sri Lanka, and possible effects of climatic change 269
Identification of genomic regions associated with phosphate deficiency tolerance in Sri Lankan rice germplasm for marker assisted breeding 325
A. Investigation of gastrointestinal parasitic infection in goats in North Western Province and implementation of genetic and immunological intervention 273
Viral aetiologies of encephalitis in a hospital-based patient population in Sri Lanka 264
Towards Better Performance: Development of an Automated Tool for Performance Evaluation in Sports using Trajectory Analysis. 263
Intelligence Led Policing Using Data Mining Techniques 343
Glycolipids for liposome and microemulsion formation for applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry 279
Development of Assistive Robotic Arms 317
Accuracy, Convenience and Benefits of treating Patients in an eClinic using the Vidusuwa Telemedicine Solution in a Sri Lankan Context 265
Vidusayura - A perception enhanced immersive virtual environment for maritime education. This is a tailor-made Virtual Reality (VR) solution for Sri Lanka Navy(SLN) 275
Gene expression analysis: Identifying the missing link in chronic kidney disease of unknown aetiology (CKDu) in Sri Lanka 367
Application of Biofilm-Biotechnology for biofuel production, novel biofertilizer development and amelioration of environmental pollution 363
Development of electrochemical technologies to remove organic and heavy metal pollutants present in pesticides 253
Synthesis, characterization and study of physico-chemical properties of some polymeric materials in the form of nanofibres and their applications in antimicrobial polymer nanofibre water filters and dye-sensitized solar cells. 558
A study on the prevalence and clinico-pathological characterization of triple negative breast carcinomas and those with basal phenotype. 281
Bone graft and bone substitutes for treating bone injuries, traumas, non-traumatic disorders. 323
Human and animal (domestic) otoacariasis in Sri Lanka: Seasonality, risk factors and the role of intra-aural ticks as disease carrying vectors 713
Determination of the Genetic Architecture of Yellow (Dwarf) Coconut Populations in Sri Lanka 367
A study of diversity of macrofungi in selected dry zone forest reserves and investigation of their bioactive compounds 754
Molecular detection of toxigenic cyanobacteria, quantification of microcystin and exploiting microbial diversity to remove microcystin for water treatment solutions 352
Data-driven Speech Translation between Sinhala and Tamil 427
Social Sensor Networks for Opinion Analysis 287



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