Second Quarter Outreach Programme of the NRC held successfully (2016)

Use of Geo-informatics in Elephant Management.

The National Research Council successfully conducted the second quarter outreach programme for 2016, “Use of Geo-informatics in Elephant Management” which was held at the National Wildlife Training and Research Center – Giritale, on 22ndJuly 2016.

Resource person: Mr. Ranjan Marasinghe (Deputy Director, Department of Wildlife Conservation)

(NRC Grant No: 12-098, University of Peyradeniya, Department of Agricultural Engineering)

Target Audience: Decision makers at all levels in the Department of Wildlife Conservation involved in the management of the "human-elephant conflict": Park Wardens of National Parks, Regional Assistant Directors, Head office Divisional Heads of the Department of Wildlife.

Summary: The program was delivered as a workshop, and knowledge generated through research was transferred to potential users. Methodologies to determine elephant migratory routes for establishment of "elephant corridors" were presented. In addition, basic skills in the use of geo informatics, such as, the use of GPS, Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS were introduced.

A glimpse of the event