First Quarter Outreach Programme held successfully.

The National Research Council successfully conducted the first quarter outreach programme of 2016, “Seminar on Machine Vision Based Intelligent Surveillance” which was held at the Royal College Skills Center, Colombo 7, on 29th April 2016.

Resource persons were Dr. Ajith Pasqual, Dr. Jayathu Samarawickrama, and Dr. Ranga Rodrigo

(NRC Grant No: 12-018, University of Moratuwa, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.)

Analyzing video feeds from ubiquitous CCTV systems is a cumbersome task. Their work on has shown that there were many techniques that can make the analysis efficient.

In the workshop, they first presented an overview of a good CCTV system, and the important aspects to consider when procuring an effective CCTV system. The next part wasabout intelligent surveillance methods. They discussed how to detect and enumerate Sri Lankan license plates using feeds from regular CCTV cameras and how activity recognition can make a CCTV system effective. The final session was on the future of networking infrastructure needs for building complexes and smart cities.

Target audience: Traffic police officers, security personnel at banks, other key organizations where security is a concern (participants were at the management level), planners of building complexes, or smart cities.

A glimpse of the event