Magnetic Susceptibility System

Supply and Installation of Scientific Equipment to National Research Council Project


GRANT NRC 17-037

The Chairman, Procurement Committee of National Research Council (NRC) on behalf of the NRC Grant 17-037 invites sealed bids from eligible and qualified suppliers for the supply of Magnetic Susceptibility System for research. Bids are open for national and international suppliers. Required technical specifications can be downloaded by visiting and bids should be sent on or before 1:30 pm on 28th February2018. The bids will be opened at 3:30 pm on 28th February 2018. Please follow the guidelines available at the NRC official web site.

Principal Investigator

Prof. Tilak Hewawasam,
Department of Geography
Faculty of Arts
University of Peradeniya  
Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

+ Tel:  081-2392676 
+ Fax: 081-2392672


Technical specification

 Technical specification(NRC TO 16-015).pdf 

Quotation Calling Letter

 CVD-Letter-07-01-2018(NRC TO 16-015).pdf