Message from President

The National Research Council was established under my direction to enhance research in the fields of science and technology in the national interest, and address shortcomings in scientific research and development organizations in the Public Sector.

I am glad that the NRC has taken several useful initiatives towards human resource development in the disciplines of science.

The NRC has a wide range of activities that brings together academics and professionals of the country, and brings about public and private sector participation in achieving scientific advance through collaborative research.

The launch of this web site by the NRC should assist considerably in its mission of promoting, funding, facilitating and monitoring fundamental and applied research required to have a science and knowledge based society, which is the prerequisite of a developed country.

This would also help considerably in establishing the international reach necessary for the NRC to develop and expand its resource base, with shared knowledge that is so vital to the needs of development. I wish the NRC all success in its efforts to be a lasting bridge that links science, technology, research and development in the larger task of building a New Sri Lanka.

Mahinda Rajapaksa

August 05, 2008